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Endorsements from: Madeline Delp - Miss Wheelchair USA, Chelsea Hill -Celebrity, 86 yr old Gordon Petersen and 96 yr old Jayne Kipp

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Product Benefits

Pants Up Easy is for people who desire increased mobility with the activities of daily living and is much more than a dressing aid.

  • Hands Free Lift System

  • Pressure Releases to the spine

  • Redistributes pressure to other areas of your body when needed

  • Reduce or eliminate the risk of pressure sores from sitting for long periods

  • Helps to eliminate falling

  • Saves time when dressing, using the restroom and while on travel

  • Helps to strengthen muscles in shoulders and back

  • Reduces exertion (reduction in fatigue from dressing)

  • Independence, confidence, hope


Madeline Delp, Miss Wheelchair USA shows how doing a pressure release allows the blood to return and reduces the chances of pressure sores, which can be frustrating, painful, costly and timely to heal.

Chelsea Hill, TV Celebrity & Dancer, shows how strength and motion based movements can maintain the ability to perform activities of daily living and mobility, as well as preventing injury from muscle weakness or imbalance.


Wall Mount Model

Mounts on the wall for a clean look in your home or office

Easy to use hands-free lift system. Arms swing out of the way to allow others access

Requires mounting to the stud or using blocking if studs are not available

Order Extra Brackets 

MSRP $1397

Special Offer $997

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Toilet Model

Visually appealing, strong self supporting frame  

Designed to fit most toilets in your home or office

Easy installation, no mounting necessary 

Arms swing out of the way, allowing for easy transfers 


Special Offer $1197

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Wheelchair Model

Made of heavy duty steel for anywhere in your home or office 

Its functionality gives the highest level of support where needed

The casting wheels allow it to be moved or locked in place

Folding legs allow for quick storage

Provides maximum weight support. This unit works with most manual and power wheelchairs


Special Offer $1597

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Travel Model

You asked, we listened.  Travel Model Now Available!

An aid to daily living, Pants Up Easy delivers high quality products that help people with mobility issues to increase independence and reduce frustration when dressing. 

Pants Up Easy introduces the Travel Model, for the active wheeler on the go. This product is manufactured with high quality, lightweight, aircraft aluminum.

Engineered to last. Assembles in minutes, without any tools. Telescopic frame is adjustable with quick release pins that lock in place. You will gain a much different perspective when you are able to get dressed anywhere on the planet. 

Use this product behind the toilet, with your wheelchair, or on the go. Folding legs allow for quick storage in its own travel case. Pants Up Easy was developed to make life easier for you or someone you love.

Perfect for Wheelchairs

Ideal for Toilets

Comes in a Travel Case



Special Offer $1697

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It’s simply a game changer!

"Finally, I can pull my pants up in seconds without having to painfully rock back and forth or lie down on a bed. No more breaking belt loops. Pants Up Easy saves me a ton of time and discomfort. Fastest, easiest, and most comfortable way to pull up your pants if you're in a wheelchair!”

Paul DeGroot, Pleasanton , CA


Meet Antonio Quistian, a daily user of Pants Up Easy.

Since my injury, it has been a struggle getting dressed for years. As the owner of Endless Ability Enterprises, it has been my mission to seek new methods to make life easier for myself as well as others in similar situations. When I met Douglas at the Abilities Expo and discovered Pants Up Easy, I thought to myself, “why has something like this not been thought of already?” It’s so simple and easy to use; I would recommend it to anyone that has minimal use of their legs due to spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, etc. After using this product in my home for several years I can attest to Pants Up Easy being a game changer in my life.

Antonio Quistian Jr. - Morgan Hill, CA



Veterans Endorsement

This is the story of Sergeant John Vail, a retired U.S. Veteran wounded in action serving his country. John tells his story and also talks about Pants Up Easy, a new product made in the USA to help wounded veterans with the act of pulling up their pants.

Sergeant John Vail | Retired Veteran | Wounded Warrior



Physician Endorsement

“We have researched the available products to help our patient with MS and Pants Up Easy is the only product available on the market that will accomplish his independent living goals.

He needs a product that will provide a safe, reliable, and tested way for him to do his pressure releases.

Pants Up Easy can help prevent pressure sores, allow the patient to get dressed independently, increase his stability, and provide a significant reduction of potential falls due to decreased number of transfers.“

Anthony N. Donatelli Jr., MD

AdventHealth Medical Group
Palm Harbor, FL


“Once you choose hope, everything is possible”

Christopher Reeve


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